Realm of the Maya

This website contains photos taken by Ian Swindale, a member of the group who went on the Adventure Company Realm of the Maya holiday in early 2008. Click on any photo to go to the relevant page, where you can click on any thumbnail to see the full size picture. You can download as many photos as you like to your computer provided they are only for personal use.

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Chichen Itza Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico is a late Mayan archaeological site.
Palenque Palenque, close to the Mexican border with Guatemala, is one of the most impressive Mayan sites.
Bonampak Bonampak is a small Mayan site noted for its frescoes.
Yachilan Yachilan can only be reached by a trip down the Usumacinta river.
Tikal Tikal is the largest archaeological site on the American continent.
Livingston The Rio Dulce is the only way to access the Caribbean coastal town of Livingston.
Quiriqua Quiriqua, also in Guatemala, is a small archaeological site with some unusual zoomorphic statues
Copan Copan is the most important Mayan site in Honduras with a history spanning almost 3,000 years.
Santiago Atitlan Santiago Atitlan is the largest of the Mayan villages on the shores of Lake Atitlan.
Chichicastenango Chichicastenango is famous for its twice-weekly market.
Finca Filadelphia The Finca Filadelfia is a coffee plantation just on the outskirts of Antigua.
Antigua The fine Spanish colonial town of Antigua was a former capital of Guatemala.

These photographs show a tourist's view of the region. The other side of the picture is severe poverty, malnutrition among many children and lack of educational opportunities. Two charities based in Guatemala are doing something about this. Please click on the links below to visit their websites, read about their projects and donate money to help them continue their important work.


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